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These sessions take place in your own home within 2-14 days from when baby is born. Capturing all those precious moments together. There is not the pressure of taking baby out, you can all just relax as you are in the comfort of your own four walls.

Natural Newborn Session fee starting from $650

For a full list of packages and availability please make contact


where will our session be?

Your session will be in the comfort of your home.

What can we expect from our session?

Your shoot will be relaxed and enjoyable, which in turn you will end up with images that are very natural and authentic. I give some direction to ensure you are in the best light and position possible, then I will interact with you minimally and in a way that will capture you and your loved ones naturally. Take this as a bit of time out of your busy lives to just enjoy each others company.

What do you need from us?

Just baby and you in your natural habitat. If you would like to have on hand a special outfit or two or maybe a blanket made by Granny. This is what makes these sessions so special, being at home and in your own surroundings creating everlasting memories!

Maternity home session

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I come to you at the birthing home or hospital within the first 48 hours of birth and capture your new little bundle in all their newness. Their small details and just all that it is when they are so new into this world. Such a special way of introducing them to everyone. Also not as intense a a Birth Session. It's a lovely, calm and relaxing session. Family members and siblings are encouraged to be part of this session.

Birthing Home Session fee $550


When should we book?

You should book your session about 4 weeks before your due date. This way if you go early you are already booked in. Once baby is born you will need to make contact as your session will be at the birthing home/hospital and as soon as comfortably possible after birth and before you all go home.

How long will our session be?

Your session should take around 1 hour. This will give enough time for photos and also feeding, settling, getting comfortable etc.

What do we need for our session?

The beauty of this session is that it is a very real and raw type of session. Just you all as you are! If you have any special clothing or blanket, that is just perfect. But otherwise it really is all about the connection and rawness of your new little baby and that time you have getting to know one another.