Why you should have a birth Photographer at your birth

There are so many great reasons to have a birth photographer at your birth, but are you wondering if having a birth photographer is really worth it? Will your partner be ok with a professional to photograph your birth? I know that it may feel like an unnecessary cost when your partner could just take a few photos on their phone. Or maybe you have a friend who might say to you, “I could photograph your birth for you!!!”

However, you can be sure that having a birth photographer is very much a good idea.

Te Awamutu Birth Photographer, Waikato Birth Photographer, Otorohanga Birth Photographer

Having a professional birth photographer at your birth will ensure you actually get some beautiful photos of one of the most important days of you life!

Just like a wedding, the birth of your baby really is one of the most important days of your life. And just like a wedding photographer, a birth photographer is equally as important. A professional birth photographer knows how to capture all the important moments, especially under difficult circumstances. A trained photographer understands how to take amazing photos with all sorts of lighting situations that happen during birth and believe me the lighting is crazy. It can be very hard to capture quality photos during birth! Birth photographers also have specialty equipment and backup gear, because you never know how long a birth may be! Birth photographers are trained to know how to photograph you in a discreet, yet flattering way. They are also familiar with birth in general, so they know what moments to capture. (i.e. the first moment you see and hold your new baby). This is what makes them an expert and totally worth it rather than getting a friend with a good camera (you can have a ‘good camera’ and not have any idea how to use it appropriately) or having your partner try to get some good shots, when in reality they should have all attention on you and/or baby in those important moments.

Raglan Birth Photographer, Waikato Birth Photographer, Hamilton Birth Photographer

Having a professional birth photographer at your birth allows you and your partner to be fully present.

If your partner is fumbling around with a camera and trying to get a few shots, they might miss experiencing the important moments with you. Or.... you may not get those special moments you wanted captured because your partner was busy being with you not wanting to leave your side. And…don’t you want photos of your partner at your birth as well? They were there too and a big part of this whole process which has lead to the birth! So shouldn’t they be in the photos as well?!!

Te Awamutu Birth Photographer, Cambridge Birth Photographer, Hamilton Birth Photographer

Having a professional birth photographer at your birth helps you remember all the important details.

Giving birth can be a bit nerve wracking, emotional, traumatic, painful and so much more! Believe me in the end everything can be such a blur! Without a professional photographer there to document your story, do you think you would remember the details of your birth? Wouldn’t you love to be able to go back and look and look over photos taken by a birth photographer? The images help you to remember the good things from the birth, it shows your emotion, exhaustion, relief, love, the details and so much more.

A professional birth photographer will artfully tell your birth story through images that you will cherish forever. 

Te Awamutu Birth Photographer, Waikato Birth Photographer, King Country Birth Photographer

Having professional birth photos is a gift to pass down for future generations.

Having photos of your birth is so worth it. You can be fully present with your partner and you will have professional images to look back on and remember the important details or your birth story. Those first moments holding your baby, the emotion in your face, there are so many things that while you are there and present during your birth, they all become a blur. There is so much more to birth photography than what most people think of when this is mentioned. As much as we as professional birth photographers do love a good crowning shot, that is not what we are there to capture. We are there to tell 'your' birth story!

Imagine having beautiful images from the birth of your child in an album and being able to share that with them as they grow. Then passing this on to them, for them to share with their familyHaving those images of the first time seeing and holding your baby. The emotion of these first moments. You only get one ‘BIRTH’ day ever! 

Why would you not want this immortalised.

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